Customer Testimonials

Late one evening we had a lightning strike to our home. We had minor structural damage but extensive smoke damage. We contacted Rainbow International the morning after the strike and they had personnel at our home the same morning with a large machine to help remove the smoke from our house. They were extremely courteous and helpful through the entire procedure... They answered all of our questions promptly and were very knowledgeable about our insurance coverage. Our phone calls were returned promptly and our questions answered courteously. They were a pleasure to do business with.
- Maggie L. – Monroe, NC

I was standing in the yard watching the fire department clean up their gear and looking for hot spots in what was left of my house when Jake's crew showed up to start sucking out water, pack out what valuables that could be saved and boarding up the house for safety. I was at a complete loss as I had no idea what had to be done. Then Jake walked up and talked me through all that was about to happen and what I needed to do immediately. And then he said the magic words, "we will take care of this and will stay with you until you are back in your house". I felt in good hands from that moment on. Rainbow took care of finding clothes cleaners, furniture restorers, a construction company that did fabulous work. They took care of working with the insurance company to cover things not originally estimated and went above and beyond every step of the way. The staff at Rainbow were wonderful, professional, attentive to detail and personable. In every interaction, every one of them was helpful and a pleasure to work with. When things have fallen apart and you need a restoration service you will not find one better than Jake, Daryl, Abraham, Maria and Beth and the rest of the crew at Rainbow International in Charlotte.
-Betsey U.  – Fort Mill, SC

I had a cap pop off one of the old sewer lines beneath a rental home I own.  Because the tenant didn't notify me right away, multiple weeks worth of sewage had accumulated under the home in a relatively low clearance crawlspace.  It was quite a mess.  The team from Rainbow had to don biohazard suits, clean the mess, excavate the earth contaminated by the mess, pump an antimicrobial agent through the ventilation system, and run a series of air quality tests.  After the initial clean-up, the plumbers took a few days to get back out (very frustrating!).  In the meantime, more sewage leaked under the home.  Jake and his team worked their schedule around the plumbers' to get back out and do a quick touch-up clean so that the plumbers could safely go under the home and repair the damaged lines.  Jake also oversaw some carpentry work to replace some wood that had been damaged in the master bath when some of the sewage had backed up and leaked out the shower drain and onto the floor.

Of all the people I called for help, Jake was the first to get out to the job site.  He was there the same day I called.  And, of the three vendors I received assessments/quotes from Jake was far and away the most knowledgeable, the most thorough, and the most patient in answering all my questions.  While Jake was not the lowest on price, it was a no-brainer to go with the guy who understood the entire scope of the job and could clearly communicate what needed to be done, why, and how he was going to do it.  Jake continued to be easily accessible and highly responsive over the course of a 10 day engagement.  He and his team were able to oversee almost every aspect of the job except the plumbing.  That is a really big deal given that coordinating schedules with multiple vendors can be difficult.  I have referred friends to Jake and would endorse him whole-heartedly.
- Mike L. – Charlotte, NC

Our basement toilet overflowed because there were roots in sewer line so it backed up downstairs. They dried and disinfected everything.
Member Comments:
It turned out awesome! They were very professional and friendly. They went above and beyond. They packed up the whole downstairs and storied it in our storage facility in our driveway. They packed and wrapped up everything. Once everything was completed and dry they came back and put everything back out. They took care of everything!
-Michelle Y. – Indian Trail, NC