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No one wants mold growing in their home. It causes musty odors and hay fever-like allergy symptoms in sensitive individuals. Particularly dangerous toxic mold can even cause nervous system problems, including headaches, memory loss, and mood changes.

If you suspect mold is present in...Read more

Surprisingly, buying a house that had mold means different things to different people. For some it could be a deal breaker – for others, the means to getting a stellar deal for a little extra effort. There’s no right or wrong answer as to purchasing a home with mold issues, however it can add a...Read more

The terms “mold” and “mildew” are often thrown around together when describing what can happen if you don’t clean up damp surfaces or standing water. If you spot a slimy, powdery, or fuzzy growth in your home, you might be wondering: is it mold or mildew? Is there even a difference between mold...Read more

Naturally occurring, mold is everywhere, growing just about anywhere excess moisture is present. So how do you prevent mold in your home? The good news is, proper cleaning, along with the monitoring of humidity levels in your home, can help you control and prevent mold growth.

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Excessive mold exposure can cause symptoms of hay fever in healthy individuals and lung infections in immune-compromised people or patients with chronic lung disease. Toxic mold is even worse, potentially causing breathing difficulties, headaches, fatigue, rashes, mental impairment, and even...Read more

What’s that colorful fuzz in your closet or bath? Mildew? Mold? Mold comes in many colors, textures, and shapes, and can be exceedingly difficult to identify. Even salt deposits (efflorescence) can mimic mold. It is also difficult to pinpoint “dangerous” versus “harmless” varieties. Although...Read more

With over 100,000 known species, mold takes on nearly any shape, color, and consistency you can think of. But nothing else strikes more fear into the hearts of property managers and building owners than black mold....Read more

Natural disasters are not easy situations, and often involve many kinds of damage. Mold growth is typically a side effect of different natural disasters, such as flooding or torrential rains. Find out how to prevent mold after these unfortunate situations.

How to Prevent Mold...Read more

Will your homeowner’s insurance grant you the full assistance you expect in the event of a life-changing fire? Many homeowners are woefully in the dark regarding fire insurance coverage limitations. Protect your home and family by ensuring you have the protection you’ll need in place in advance...Read more

One of the hardest parts about recovering from a fire is deciding what you can salvage and what you must throw away. It’s heartbreaking to discard damaged items with sentimental value, and it feels like a waste of money to dump food exposed to smoke. However, the cost to restock your pantry and...Read more