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Don’t toss that wood furniture just because it’s moldy. Learn how to remove the mold and restore the furniture with help from Rainbow International.

Moldy wood furniture deserves a second chance. Wood is a very resilient material that can easily be restored if it’s moldy. Mold will grow on any wood furniture that is left in a damp, dark environment. Before you remove any mold,...Read more

Moldy walls can be detrimental to health. Remove the mold with cleaning tips from the IICRC-certified home restoration experts at Rainbow International.

If you have moldy walls, your health could be at risk. Don’t ignore musty odors, which are a sure sign of mold growth in...Read more

Not all mold is harmful, but black mold is. Let Rainbow International help you identify this dangerous mold to keep you and your family safe.

Is that white, green, blue or black mold? Don’t judge mold by its color. Even toxic black mold isn’t always black, and some harmless molds may appear black. Black mold is the layman’s term given to the mold strain Stachybotrys chartarum, which is toxic. Black mold isn’t something you...Read more

After a flood or water damage, take these important steps to prevent mold from growing. Learn more from the restoration experts at Rainbow International.

Flood or water damage? Taking the right steps is essential to preventing mold from growing and safeguarding insurance reimbursement. A common occurrence following moisture-related damage, noxious mold can start wreaking havoc on the structure and contents of your home – and your health – as...Read more

Not all hope is lost when electronics get water damage. Learn what to do when your electronics take a dunk, as well as what not to do and how to dry them out.

Did your phone take a dunk? Don’t worry; not all hope is lost. You may be surprised by how well water-soaked electronics can come back to life. Success rates vary, depending on how long the device was submerged. The sooner you act, the better chance the device has to be...Read more

Wet drywall doesn’t always have to be replaced. If the damage is in a small area, dry it out with help from the home restoration experts at Rainbow.

Wet drywall can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria, so it must be dried quickly and thoroughly to avoid future problems. Plan to let your walls dry out for several weeks before restoration work begins to prevent mold from continuing to grow.

If the water damage is...Read more

When a pipe bursts or a toilet overflows, quickly using your home’s water shut-off valve significantly reduces water damage. The locations of your water shut-off valves vary depending on your geographical location, water source and type of residence. Grab a flashlight, and use these tips to find your water shut-off valves.

It’s important to know where your main water shut-off valve is in case of an emergency. Hopefully, you’re not reading this while your bathroom fills up with water. (Scroll down if you are.) If a pipe bursts or a toilet overflows, shutting off the water can significantly...Read more

Cigarette smoke isn’t just bad for your lungs. It can cause tar and nicotine stains on walls and just about anything it comes into prolonged contact with. Tar and nicotine stains hold the stale odor of cigarettes, so cleaning them is the most effective way to get rid of cigarette smoke smell in...Read more

Does your grout remain dirty no matter how much you scrub those tile floors or shower walls? Not all hope is lost. The best way to clean tile grout is the same way the professionals do – with a grout-cleaning machine that uses hot steam. Rainbow International uses state-of-the-art grout-cleaning...Read more

Gas grills are a popular summertime appliance used to serve up backyard BBQs. If yours has accumulated a layer of grime over the past few cookouts, it’s time to clean your gas grill and restore it to like-new condition. It’s easier than you think.

Supplies to Clean a BBQ Grill...Read more