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Mold needs moisture to grow, so less humid states should be the least likely places you would find mold – right? Not so fast. The rankings are NOT based on hurricane or flood damage, inferior building materials, “tight” construction, or humidity....Read more

Plenty of pollutants threaten to destroy your indoor air quality...Read more

When your roof is damaged, you know you need to have it fixed as soon as possible. However, delays in repair work leave your home vulnerable to further damage. Don't ignore the potential consequences of leaving your home unprotected – invest in tarp over...Read more

When disaster strikes your home, it's easy to dwell on your loss and forget that you still have the power to reduce further losses with board up services. Don't walk away and leave your home vulnerable – invest in board up services until a repair team or window...Read more

If you keep your home comfortable with forced-air heating and cooling, ductwork is hidden behind the ceilings and walls. These passageways are responsible for carrying heated and cooled air to every room. As you can imagine, ductwork becomes dirty over time as...Read more

Today’s appliances are miracles of modern technology. Tucked away in every possible nook and cranny of your home, though useful, when left plugged in they represent a double-edged sword of issues, driving up your electric bill with phantom power usage, and...Read more

Camping is a fun outdoor activity in the summer, but unpacking when you get home can be a unique challenge. You can easily end up bringing home bugs, dirt, and items tainted with hard-to-remove smells and stains. If you’re hoping to avoid bringing home these...Read more

Saving money these days can be tough. With prices rising faster than your paycheck, it’s often tempting to take advantage of bulk discounts, from that 5 pound jar of mayonnaise, to ...Read more

Fire safety is no joke, and that goes for campfires as well. Whether you’re camping in the middle of the woods or lounging around a backyard fire pit, you need to exercise as much caution lighting a fire outside as you would with an indoor fireplace or wood...Read more

Solar energy is a hot trend right now. In fact, in the seven years spanning 2006 to 2013, home solar installations grew by more than 1,000 percent! But is solar just a passing fad? As a homeowner, are the long-term savings really worth the up-front price? It’s...Read more