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stain removal

Keeping your home clean means addressing stains in unusual places, including the walls and ceilings. Various things can mar these surfaces, including splattered grease, water stains, scuff marks, and more. There may not seem like a good solution for removing stains on walls and ceilings, but...Read more

Scratchin’ your head over how to remove old stains from carpets? Banish your biggest blemishes in a flash with our handy-dandy stain removal guide!

How Do I Get Spots out of Carpets?

  • Wine
    A bit of detergent, vinegar, and an ammonia
  • ...Read more

Animal hoarders share many common characteristics with hoarders of inanimate objects. In fact, 40% of object hoarders also hoard animals. What drives animal hoarding behavior, and how can you best recognize and respond to it for the safety of all involved?

Animal Hoarding...Read more

If you struggle with hoarding behavior, you could unintentionally be making your home a dangerous, unsanitary place to live. As if this wasn’t reason enough to get help, hoarding has another side effect you might not have considered: it could hinder your ability to qualify for or retain a...Read more

If you’re like me, furniture of substantial quality is not in the budget. Most of my furniture is from IKEA and was put together questionably… often with pieces left over after it was all said and done....Read more

Everyone deals with clutter from time to time. But for the 3-5% of Americans who are compulsive hoarders, it goes beyond the occasional mess, preventing hoarders and their families from leading safe, healthy lives. Are you living with a compulsive hoarder?

What Defines...Read more

If you are a landlord, property manager, or another housing professional, you may be concerned about the possibility of a hoarder renting your property. After all, not only does this behavior create fire safety issues, indoor air quality problems, and health concerns, it can also damage the...Read more

Paying for homeowner’s or renter’s insurance? These apps, software and printables can help you quickly organize photos and inventory, establish resale value to ensure you have adequate coverage, and are also a great way to substantiate insurance claims or claim tax losses in the event your...Read more

Home Inventory

Homeowners and renters insurance gives peace of mind that in the event of damage or loss, a full recovery will be ensured. However fewer than 10% of homeowners and renters document their valuable belongings, making ownership difficult to prove leaving reimbursement dollars short. Without a...Read more

Destructive hurricanes, flash floods, and thunderstorms put your home, family, and possessions at risk. Sometimes, you have several days’ notice to prepare to evacuate. Other times, you have mere minutes to grab what you need and leave.

That’s why you should plan for disasters now. One...Read more