New Homeowner Checklist Highlights Air Duct Cleaning

As you get settled into your new home, it’s nice to know everything is in good shape. This includes the things you can’t see, like your air ducts. Dirty air ducts circulate contaminated air throughout your home, spreading dust and allergens. Just imagine cleaning your new home, only to have everything covered in dust when the heat comes on. As leading experts in the industry, we know how important clean air ducts are to good indoor air quality. echoed this advice in their New Homeowner Checklist. Neighborly is a national community of local home services experts committed to providing honest home service and repair.

To check your air ducts, remove the vent register and use a flashlight to inspect the vents. If you see dust build-up, air duct cleaning is best left to the experts.

Give yourself more time to unpack and call Rainbow International. We use state-of-the-art techniques and tools to remove all dust build-up and give you, your family and your HVAC system a fresh start.

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