Carpet Cleaning Secures Spot on Home Maintenance Schedule

Over time, the carpet in your home begins to wear down and the fibers collect dirt and dust that vacuum cleaning simply cannot remove. Ignored, this embedded debris will prematurely wear-out your carpet and contribute to poor indoor air quality. As experts in the industry, we’ve seen this firsthand. Regular steam cleaning of your carpet is the only way to prevent this. Rainbow International uses a six-step steam cleaning process that makes your carpet look like and feel like new.

The recently published Home Maintenance Schedule from encourages homeowners to have their carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. This removes deep-seated contaminants and prolongs the life of your carpet. Not only that, but it makes your home look great, too.

Neighborly  is a national network of home service professionals who can help you stay on top of home maintenance – head on over the to read the entire Home Maintenance Schedule.