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Unless your home is brand new, chances are dirty grout is lurking somewhere in the shadows, resisting even your most ...Read more

Congratulations on purchasing your new home! You’re undoubtedly thrilled to have the buying process behind you. However, before you move in, the first step is to clean your new house. Hopefully, the previous owners picked up after themselves before they handed...Read more

Follow this upholstery cleaning guide for the best ways to deep clean different couch materials.

Double Check the Cleaning Code

Before you do anything, double check the couch’s cleaning code, which you should find on a...Read more

Tornado season spans the spring and summer months. While there are certain parts that strike more than others, tornados can hit anywhere. So, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the terminology associated with tornadoes to be safe rather than sorry....Read more

When disaster strikes, Rainbow International® is there to help put the pieces back together. Our fire restoration services...Read more

We decided to go on a mission sifting through the internet in search of some of the worst weather puns that will trigger a groan or two and make you roll your eyes. These might work with your kids, but do not tell these at a party!

Q: How do hurricanes see?...Read more

Installing a storm shelter provides effective protection against tornadoes, but don’t forget the importance of stocking it well! After all, an empty storm shelter may shield you from the wind, hail and flying debris characteristic of a tornado, but you need the right gear to weather the storm...Read more

After a tornado or other damaging storm, there’s a lot of debris and material from property damage that you need to dispose of. In a large-scale disaster, finding a dumpster usually isn’t a viable option. Plus, some materials aren’t safe to dispose of in the trash and require special treatment...Read more

Tornados are among the deadliest forces found in nature. The United States has the highest number of and most dangerous tornadoes on earth. An average of 1,000 tornadoes touch down here each year, accounting for 75% of all tornadoes in the world. While the...Read more

Tornadoes, well-known for the catastrophic destruction they can wreak, aren’t the only cause of storm-related weather damage. If your area has recently been issued a tornado warning or watch, in addition to being on the lookout for a funnel cloud, you must also...Read more