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Feb 11, 2016

It’s easy to take indoor plumbing for granted since just about every modern home today features toilets and sinks. While you may never expect these fixtures to develop leaks, flood damage from plumbing fixtures happens all the...Read more

Feb 9, 2016

Dishwashers are among the top appliances that can cause home flooding, and according to the National Flood Insurance Program, just a few inches of water flooding your home can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage....Read more

Feb 4, 2016

With water pipes running behind your walls and unpredictable storms beating down on the roof, there are clearly plenty of places a water leak can develop. For this reason, it’s wise to keep flood prevention tips at the back of your mind. Start by checking individual appliances for leaks or signs...Read more

Feb 2, 2016

Certain appliances or systems in your home or business can actually increase your risk of flooding. Below are the top five sources of water damage culprits:

Hot Water Heater

Among the top five sources leading to water damage is your hot water heater. A small investment in an...Read more

Jan 27, 2016

The last thing any homeowner wants is to come home and discover a major water leak or flood has damaged their home. If you’re the victim of such a disaster, stop dwelling on “what if’s” and start working toward a full recovery. Follow these steps for the most effective water damage restoration...Read more

Jan 21, 2016

A flood can wreak havoc on your home. Even if you don’t live in a flood zone, your house is still susceptible to water damage from plumbing fixtures. You take the pipes that transport water throughout your home for granted, but if something goes wrong, you could quickly become very aware of them...Read more

Jan 19, 2016

Most homeowners don’t give much thought to their water heater until they wake up one morning to a large puddle of water in their utility room or basement or jump in the shower and are sprayed with ice-cold water. Then, their water heater becomes top of mind!

Since most residential water...Read more

Jan 13, 2016

Most carpeting, especially commercial carpet, is designed to camouflage dirt, so if dirt has carpets looking dull, it’s probably well past time for a commercial cleaning.

Why care about your carpet cleaning calendar?

Dingy carpet hurts your business far beyond merely looking a...Read more

Jan 13, 2016

Making small changes in your energy use can not only reduce your utility bill, but also reduce overall energy demands. Here are some tips to help you save energy. 

...Read more

Dec 29, 2015

Ready for a whopping energy bill to go along with that pile of holiday gifts you received this year? We didn’t think so. That’s why we’re here to offer you a little help keeping some jingle in your pockets during the winter months – and the snowman in your front yard from melting due to global...Read more