Main Content on Your Home Page

Your Home Page consists of several elements:

  • A Header Image
  • Your DBA
  • Introductory Information about your business
  • A CTA (Call To Action) for the Rainbow International Call Center
  • Highlighted Services, with links and graphics


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"I Want to Change My Header Image"

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Images should be approximately twice as wide as they are tall (tall images will take up too much space on the page). If you can resize your image yourself, the width needs to be be 825 pixels wide (no smaller, please), and between 250-400 pixels high (no greater, please). Image subject to approval, and must be your property (either taken by you and your team, or by a professional you've tasked).

"I Want to Change My Introductory Information"

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Content subject to approval. If not providing a complete rewrite of the introductory paragraphs, please let us know what we need to replace with the new content. Thanks!

New Content for your Home Page

Is there new information that you can provide to customers on your home page that would be beneficial to them, or help them know you better? We can add that to your home page in a variety of ways.

Note that if your new information is service-specific, it might be better placed on a Service Page. Click here for more information.

Content Block 1 - Video with Content

This block features the "Family Photos" promo spot, with this space next to the video to place information about you. This content could be about you, and how you benefit the customers in your area. This content must be unique, and cannot come from another online source.

Along with "Family Photos," you also have these videos to choose from:

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Content Block 2 - Before and After

Have a great, well lit Before and After photo showing the quality of your work? Highlight it on your Home Page! Use this form to request a change.

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Before and After

Rainbow International of [location] is dedicated to taking care of your restoration needs, and getting your home back to normal.

(actual work photo)