Water Loss Documentation

Condominium Water Restoration Specialists

Rainbow International of Uxbridge Ontario

What makes us different?

Rainbow International Restoration Specialists have developed authorization forms used by our IICRC Certified Water Damage Restoration Specialists to keep our Water Restoration jobs organized and the paperwork complete.  Extensive documentation is used to follow the flow of the job.  The documentation will show the why the services were required and how the job was handled from start to finish.

Every loss, large or small has the same paperwork provided digitally and in hard copy if requested.  This includes an Xactimate Estimate, Quick Books Invoice and Supporting Aurhtorization forms.  The documentation includes an Emergency Service Agreement form signed prior to commencing any work.   The scope of work is discussed.  The environment is checked for Safety Hazards and pre-existing damages to structure and contents, photos are taken prior to work starting.  Photos are also taken during eqipment drying process and after the job is complete. 

Commercial building Water Damage Loss caused by frozen pipes - Extensive water damaged caused to many residents in the city.


Additional forms are used to document the progress of the job.  They set out the details of the services provided, track the equipment used and the length of time on the job site.  We even provide the details of the loss sketching the loss on a moisture map.  This will indicate where the loss occurred and where the equipment was located.  It should show the room measurements as well as moisture readings, stating the dry goals.

Our Water Damage Restoration Company uses Xactimate industry standard pricing guidelines using the current month for Toronto Ontario Canada with 10% Profit and 5% Overhead added.  Often a Condominium water loss, there are many insurers involved.   We must use the  industry standard acceptable to the independant adjusters.  Also in Commercial loss, rental units, the lease agreement will state who is reasponsible for which services.  Everyone should have insurance for a minimum - to cover their personal contents.

  Commercial building Water Damage Loss caused by frozen pipes - Extensive water damaged caused to many residents in the city.

The documentation supplied is evidence that the water loss was handled properly and thoroughly, so that there is no chance of mould growth.  It shows the structure was dry (moisture readings) when we finished our job.  We supply many digital photos, regular and thermal imaging.  We film video recordings to help prove the truth for each job individually.  We need to show the truth so that the individual insurer can determine coverage.  We use line item pricing to easily see the break-down of the costs.

If the water loss is in a Condominium, every unit would have their own set of documentation supporting the reporting required of the Condo Act.  One unit may have improvements, the next may not.  It all matters when it comes to invoicing since the Corporations insurance is not all inclusive.

Please give us a call at 1-888-4-FLOOD-911 (888)-435-6639 prior to your next water loss so we can explain the process and what documents you would be required to find for the insurance adjuster.