Rainbow International Water Removal Services

Recovering from a water damage event is no easy task, and we know it. You need fast, efficient and knowledgeable remediation and recovery to get your family and employees back on their feet. The experts at Rainbow International know how to take your home or business from flooded mess to dry, safe and clean. Contact your local Rainbow International to begin the water damage restoration and mold mitigation process: It all starts with professional water removal services.

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Water Removal – The First Step in Water Damage Cleanup

From a broken pipe to a natural disaster, flooding at your home or business can be caused by any number of situations. The first step in restoring water or flood damage is removing the water and drying the space via rapid structural drying – a four-part process Rainbow International teams use to quickly dry your home or business. Water removal or water extraction is the first step in this process.

Complete rapid structural drying requires the following:

  1. Actively extracting water from all types of surfaces
  2. Evaporating moisture with air movers
  3. Dehumidifying the air to prevent secondary damage from occurring
  4. Maintaining the ideal temperature for evaporation and dehumidification

After the water removal and rapid structural drying processes are complete, Rainbow International professionals can begin repairing and restoring the damage to your space.

Related Water Removal and Water Damage Services

As full-service restoration professionals, local Rainbow International technicians can take your home or business from disaster to like new. In conjunction with water removal and rapid structural drying, our teams provide additional related services:

Why Is Professional Water Removal Important?

Professional water removal and rapid structural drying are important steps in the restoration process because they minimize the damage to your home, business or belongings. It’s important to begin the removal and remediation process as soon as possible – within 24 to 48 hours of the initial flood, if possible. The longer standing water is present in your space, the greater the risk of mold growth and substantial structural damage.

Click here to learn what steps you need to take as soon as you detect water damage.

There’s a Rainbow on the Other Side

To keep your home, business, family and employees safe after a flooding or water damage event, you need to call the professionals at Rainbow International. With water removal, rapid structural drying and restoration services, our local teams will help you find the rainbow on the other side of any flood. Call our 24/7 emergency service line at 855-724-6269, or schedule an appointment online. We’re ready to help.

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