Board Up & Tarp Cover Services - Water and Fire Damage - Vandalism Protection

What Are Rainbow Intl Board up Services?

Damaged windows or holes in roof from fire or water damage, if you can't replace them immediately, you may require board up services. Such services give you peace of mind that your property is boarded up and immediately made safe and secure.  Such services give you peace of mind that your property is boarded up and immediately made safe and secure.

What Are Tarp Cover Services?

Another method for protecting your home is with tarp cover services. This prevents further water intrusion caused by roof damage. Problems on the roof can be hard to spot without a thorough evaluation. Since the roof could be unstable, especially if the damage is severe, you want to leave the inspection to professionals. Between now and the time you can get roofers up there to examine the damage, utilize tarp over services to prevent various leaky areas from causing more damage to your home.


Picture of a house boarded up after a disaster.


Reasons for Tarp Cover or Board Up Services

  • Severe wind: When disaster strikes in the form of a windstorm or tornado, you want to protect your assets by whatever means necessary. The faster you utilize tarp over and board up services after damage has occurred, the more likely you are to prevent additional damage.
  • Hurricane: This type of natural disaster adds water to the high winds already threatening your home. It's that much more important that you act quickly with board up or tarp over services to prevent damage caused by water intrusion.
  • Property vacancy: If a home or business goes through foreclosure, board up services can reduce the true cost of vacancy by minimizing vandalism and reducing the vacancy's blight on surrounding properties. Boarding up a vacant property can also help protect it if a natural disaster strikes during the vacancy period.
  • Preventive measure: If you live in a geographic location where windstorms, tornadoes or hurricanes are fairly common, it's wise to look into preventative tarp over and board up services. After all, it's better to be safe than sorry. Follow weather forecasts and decide if you think it's wise to act before the storm actually hits. An ounce of prevention could certainly be worth a pound of cure in this instance.

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