Lead and Asbestos Testing

Certified Lead & Asbestos Testing

When you need certified testing to determine if your home or business contains lead or asbestos, trust the professionals at Rainbow International® to deliver the clear, authoritative, and comprehensive results you can count on.

We specialize in providing fast, effective, and comprehensive testing; mitigation project planning; and abatement oversight to help you remove the threat of asbestos or lead exposure completely.

Although lead and asbestos pose two of the most potentially destructive environmental threats, in the past inspections for these contaminants were not always routine.  Homes built as recently as 1978 may contain lead paint, while houses built as late as 1986 could have asbestos in their acoustic ceilings.

Making sure your home or business is tested for lead and asbestos is one of the best ways of protecting your health, your investment, your liability, and the well-being of those around you.

Certified Lead & Asbestos Abatement, Mitigation, and Removal.

If testing reveals your home or business contains asbestos or lead, then fixing the problem without creating further significant health risk issues from hazardous releases of fibrous asbestos or lead dust into the air, requires both a trustworthy company to perform your mitigation planning, and an experienced, properly equipped company to perform the actual abatement process.

Rainbow International of Santa Barbara’s team uses advanced state-of-the-art mitigation and abatement technologies augmented by air sampling, on-site analysis, and employee monitoring, to ensure a happier and healthier environment for all.  That's why Rainbow is so highly regarded when it comes to certified lead and asbestos testing, mitigation planning, and abatement services.

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