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Closed Crawl Space Construction


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Water, Fire, and Mold Restoration


It’s no secret that the typical old style, wall-vented crawl space can breed mold and moisture — leading to rot, structural failure, and unhealthy indoor air.

Because of this, closed crawl space construction is gaining popularity as a great moisture control strategy, minimizing the potential for moisture problems, and for energy cost savings due to its effectiveness in reducing energy loss.

Rainbow International® of Santa Barbara can enclose your crawl space for you with rigid foam insulation with exceptional water resistance sprayed onto the interior crawl space walls.  This forms a chemically modified insulation system enhancing moisture damage resistance with a seamlessly continuous waterproofing and damp-proofing vapor barrier preventing evaporation of ground moisture into the crawl space, while providing long-term thermal insulation performance, highly compressive strength reinforcement, and improved fire performance.


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