Customer Testimonials

Thank you again for all your hard work and effort to help us in our time of need (to say it mildly). I don’t go on the computer or internet but I tell everyone I meet about how “GREAT” you are!
- Mary

Rainbow International of Ringwood is a Class A business. Trustworthy, dependable, fair and understanding. Unfortunately, my step father passed away in the winter and while he was in hospice a few pipes froze and flooded the house. I met with a Rainbow International Restoration representative and he walked me through all the steps. Not only did they remove the flooring and dry every nook and cranny but they took care of the home like it was there’s. I had enough trust to leave them at my house with no supervision and everything was great. No problems whatsoever and very sympathetic on their part, they even reached out to me to give condolences after they heard of my stepfather passing. Again, great company, great employees and great customer relations. If only everyone ran their company like them we’d all be in good hands!!
- Bill

Just had Rainbow International come in to provide their services for Water Mitigation. They showed up same day that they were called and had all the proper equipment to complete the job. Tim was always polite and professional. He even was able to schedule meter checks around my busy work schedule. Would highly recommend Rainbow, very satisfied with the service that was provided and the care they showed our house.
- John

Services were performed well. Very nice people who got the job done. Tim was very nice and super helpful. I definitely would recommend them to friends and family!
- Karina

We had a flood in our basement. I called my insurance company and they contacted Rainbow. I was contacted within an hour and they sent guys out first thing in the morning. They came out and did a great job cleaning up the flooding!
- Richie

I had water damage in my home and I didn’t know what to do. When I called my insurance company, they sent out Rainbow of Ringwood and they were great! They arrived right on time, were professional and explained the entire process of what they needed to do in a way that I understood what was going on! Would definitely recommend them to anyone who has suffers from water damage!!
- Melissa

These guys were awesome. My washing machine leaked and water got in/under my newly installed basement floor. Tim and Rade took care of everything and helped make my life much easier. I would highly recommend to anyone who knows what it's like to have a disaster happen in their home.
- Zac

My house looked like a crime scene. I had dropped a full pot of spaghetti sauce from my refrigerator and it exploded. Sauce flew everywhere, and the pot landed, top down on my dining room carpet. I managed to clean up the tile, hardwood, and painted surfaces, but the two area rugs impacted were a disaster. Tim came to my house, removed the rugs and did a very thorough cleaning. A week later, he returned them and replaced them where they had been. My house is back in order. I'm so grateful to Rainbow International for making my life easier. I don't know how I would have dealt with those rugs otherwise!
- Tracey

Great company, fast response time. They were able to chemically clean a stone fireplace and mantle soiled by 70 years of use. Looks new.
- Jim

I service that I received was amazing. Everyone was knowledgeable and informative, not to mention sympathetic to my situation. I had a manager who was in the area stop just because he was in the area to check on the work. Amazing experience.
- Travere

I had a water demolition (leaky fridge) issue they were sent from Allstate They are extremely professional, respectful of our personal items. Explained the whole procedure were here every day for 5 days to make sure the job was done neatly and thoroughly. I even listed on Ringwood moms a shout out to others who found themselves with water. They were very concerned about our health and mold and made sure all was well before they left our job. The owner and him men were so polite and I never felt uncomfortable with them in my home. I actually missed the company every morning having tea. we live in Ringwood.
- Bill

Wonderful company. We used them at our apartment complex and they did such a good job cleaning a very dirty carpet and made it look like new. Very friendly, take their time and work very hard. Highly recommend using them. You will not regret it.
- Angela

Very courteous came out right away for free estimate and price was very reasonable for amount of work being done.
- Fran