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Water Conservation Tips For World Water Day

Rainbow International® has tips to conserve water in the home and outside

WACO, Texas (March 18, 2014) – World Water Day is Saturday, March 22, and Rainbow International has tips to conserve and prevent unnecessary water usage in the home and outside. Water conservation is an important part of World Water Day and these tips from Rainbow International will help contribute to smarter daily water usage.

Save water in the kitchen

  • Consider loading the dishwasher rather than hand washing. Fully-loaded dishwashers use less water than hand washing.

  • Avoid continuously running hot water over pots. It will use less water if you soak pots in hot, soapy water.

  • When you rinse vegetables in a pot, save the excess water for plants. Plus, washing vegetables in a pot saves more water than placing them under a running faucet.

Save water in the bathroom

  • Wait to adjust water temperature in the tub until after you have put the plug in the drain.

  • Take a timed shower. Five minutes in the shower uses less water than taking a bath.

  • Don’t let the water run when you are brushing your teeth or shaving. If you are not using the water, turn off the faucet.

Save water in the yard

  • When cleaning off the walkway or patio, use a broom instead of a water hose.

  • When using the sprinkler system, make sure it is on a timer and used during the early morning or evening hours.

  • Use plants that require little watering when planting your flowerbed or other landscaping.

  • You still get foliage and save on water consumption.

Follow these tips from Rainbow International and get ready to contribute to World Water Day March 22.

About Rainbow International®:

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