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Rainbow International® Tips For Mold Prevention

WACO, Texas (Aug. 26, 2013) – Mold, the silent nuisance. It grows throughout your home with out making a sound. It can cause your allergies to flair up and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and removal if it is not discovered and removed in a timely manner.

One common place, that is often forgotten, where mold can grow is in the crawlspace of a home or office. Air in crawl spaces is circulated through the living or working areas of your home or business taking contaminants with it. By moisture proofing your crawl space with ventilation barriers you can keep mold out of your home or place of work.

Rainbow International suggests that you ensure that your home has adequate guttering for proper water run-off; which prevents rain from entering the foundation and crawl spaces of your home or office.

If you are cleaning the carpets of your home or office it is recommended that you keep your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system on to prevent mold from forming. By having your HVAC system off, either during or shortly after cleaning that involves a lot of water, the humidity in the air can rise quickly allowing for moisture and mold problems to develop.

To keep your home or business mold free Rainbow International suggests that you always promptly and correctly repair leaks, ensure air ducts are properly sealed, and make sure all floors, furniture and drapes have been completely dried. By following these steps you can ensure a safe, healthy and mold free home or business.

About Rainbow International®:

Established in 1980, Rainbow International is a global franchise organization providing residential and commercial restoration and cleaning services. Recognized by Entrepreneur magazine among its “Franchise 500,” Rainbow International franchisees offer a broad range of damage restoration services (ranging from water, smoke and fire damage to carpet and upholstery cleaning and deodorization) to more than 330 locations worldwide. The new Rapid Structural Drying Network of Rainbow International has established a network of elite water loss mitigation franchises across the United States. Rainbow International is a subsidiary of The Dwyer Group, Inc. For further information or to find the location nearest you, visit

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