Overspray Protection

Carpeting experiences so much wear and tear over the years, everything from foot traffic to spills and stains. Without protection, the fibers of the carpet will wear out much sooner, causing the carpet to lose some of its aesthetic appeal as well. In order to keep the carpeting looking as good as new for as long as possible, most manufacturers will add a protective overspray at the factory using DuPont's Teflon, 3Ms™ Scotchgard or even their own product. However, a protective overspray will only last so long. This means that you should have an additional overspray protection added to your carpet every one to two years.

Benefits of Adding Overspray Protection

  • Reduce Stains - Protective overspray will help prevent any spills from seeping down into the carpet. When you first buy carpeting, you'll notice that any liquids you spill on accident will bead up on the top of the carpet. Once the carpeting begins experiencing more wear and tear over the years, the protective overspray will begin wearing down. This will cause liquids to soak through the carpeting instead, thereby resulting in potential permanent stains.
  • Reduce Wear and Tear - Adding a protective overspray on a regular basis will help prevent wear and tear on the fibers of your carpeting, especially in areas that experience heavy foot traffic, such as in the hallways or near the entryway. Without a protective overspray, those fibers will wear down faster, causing the visual appeal of your carpet to diminish more quickly.
  • Keep the Carpet Cleaner - Keeping your carpet clean is an easier task with protective overspray because dirt that's tracked into the home will not cling to the fibers, making it easier for your vacuum to remove all of the dirt from the carpet.
  • Reduce the Need to Hire Professional Stain Removers - You won't have to pay for a professional stain remover to remove stains nearly as often between cleanings if you make sure to add protective overspray whenever you have your carpeting professionally cleaned.

Ways That Overspray Protection Wears Off

It's recommended that you have a new layer of overspray protection added once every two years, or every time that you have your carpeting professionally cleaned. Overspray protection can wear off for a variety of reasons:

  • Foot Traffic - The weight and friction of a person walking across the carpet will eventually cause the protective overspray to disappear over time.
  • Stains - The more you have to clean up stains, the more wear you are causing to the carpet - especially if you are rubbing the stains out improperly instead of just wiping.
  • Pets
  • Children

If you are scheduling a professional cleaning for your carpeting with Rainbow International®, then be sure to have them apply another layer of protective overspray as well in order to ensure that your carpet will look good for a long time to come. Contact Rainbow International today for more information on keeping your carpets clean with the use of overspray protection.