Air Duct Cleaning

Indoor air pollution is increasingly affecting homes and commercial buildings. Our air most frequently becomes contaminated when bacteria, fungi, dust, and chemical compounds that can be found all around us are trapped inside our air handling systems. These airborne contaminants can cause or aggravate sickness, allergies, asthma and migraine headaches.

Signs of contaminated air include:

  • Dust on furnishings
  • Musty odours
  • Dirty air vents

If you are noticing any of the above warning signs, it is time for an air duct cleaning. Contaminated air might also show up as a line on the carpet under a door that typically stays closed, or as lines along the walls at the edge of the carpet, caused by the carpet filtering the soils out of the air.

By having a professional air duct cleaning you are immensely improving the indoor air quality in your home or office. At Rainbow International®of North York our Service Professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to remove the sources of contamination in your air handling system, furnace, air ducts, and vents.

Ask us about a free indoor air quality inspection. This includes a thorough inspection of air ducts and system components to determine the level of contamination in your home or office. Our inspection also includes a comprehensive written evaluation.

We service North York, Scarborough, York Region, Newmarket, Aurora, Stouffville, Uxbridge, East Gwillmsbury and more.  Call 1-888-4-FLOOD-911 for emergency service.