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Water Damage

Addressing Water Damage


What Can Be Done About Water Damage?

To prevent water damage from getting worse, we incorporate a process known as water mitigation. This is the process by which water damage is minimized, and even reduced from its existing level. Through our use of rapid responses to water damage, we are able to help reduce the possibility to further water damage.


When Is Water Mitigation Needed?

  • Damage from floodwaters
  • Damage from plumbing failures
  • Damage in the wake of a fire
  • Damaged floors
  • Waterlogged walls
  • Soaked rugs
  • Soaked furniture

The Critical Time Period for Recovery

In the wake of interior water damage, you must move swiftly to prevent your home and its interior from becoming a breeding ground for mold. Because water can permanently damage a home, you need to begin the process of addressing water damage within just 48 hours.

Learn how Rainbow International restores with water mitigation.

Steps a Homeowner Can Take Immediately to Reduce the Damage

If you perceive that any area of your home is dangerous, please stay away until professionals can arrive. However, if your home is structurally safe to enter, you can take a few steps to help prevent further damage. These include:

  • Shutting off the main water valve if flooding is a result of plumbing
  • Turning off the main circuit breaker to shut off electricity to your home
  • Unplugging all electronics (only after turning off electricity to your home)
  • Placing aluminum foil between furniture legs and soaked carpet
  • Removing curtains and drapes from waterlogged areas, or from the home entirely if necessary
  • Removing small items such as books and shoes. These may stain areas if left on floors and can easily dry outside.

When it doubt, leave the work to professionals. Replacing an appliance is better than suffering an electrical shock. But when in doubt, please take particular care to avoid these common pitfalls:

  • Do NOT attempt to clean your home, especially with a vacuum. Electrical systems need to be inspected after water damage and often are unpredictable after water damage.
  • Do NOT place material on the ground to walk on. Commonly used materials such as fabrics and newspapers can easily stain the floor.
  • Do NOT allow people to traffic the interior any more than is essential. It will exacerbate the damage to the interior.

The Risks of Waiting

Even if you think you can clean the damage yourself, you need the professional services of a dedicated water damage restoration company. Failure to use a professional company quickly can result in:

  • Mold propagation
  • Walls and baseboards wicking up additional moisture
  • Damage spreading to previously unaffected areas by uncontrolled interior humidity
  • Damage to the foundation

Why se Us

By employing industry-leading technicians, we are uniquely prepared and equipped to handle water damage of all sizes. By incorporating state of the art technology, we are able to identify water damage, even if it is currently invisible to the naked eye. Whether water just covered the floor in an inch of water or covered multiple floors and crept into the walls, we are the ideal company to address and restore your property.

Once water damage occurs, our team moves swiftly to locate damaged areas and to develop a plan for restoring your property as quickly as possible. With services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our team is always available when disaster strikes.  Call us today for your water restoration needs.