Concerns about Asbestos have increased as homes, schools and business owners have become more educated about the health risks of Asbestos. These health risks, as identified by Health Canada, state that “When inhaled in significant quantities, Asbestos fibres can cause Asbestosis (a scarring of the lungs which makes breathing difficult), mesothelioma (a rare cancer of the lining of the chest or abdominal cavity), and lung cancer”. The link between exposure to Asbestos and other types of cancer is not as clear. Any structure built before 1990 has the potential to contain Asbestosis.

Rainbow International® Hazardous Material professionals can help eliminate this threat. Our trained experts will come to you with the equipment, technology, and established processes needed to identify Asbestos risks where they exist and work to clean and restore the environment.

Asbestos was widely used in construction materials such as insulation board, Asbestos cement, floor and ceiling tiles, and vinyl sheets. These products are very dense and do not release significant amounts of fibres under normal use. However, fibres may be released if these products are cut or damaged.

Asbestos fibre concentrations in the indoor air are usually about the same as in the outdoor air, and are not a significant risk. However, levels may be higher if friable Asbestos materials are disturbed.

There is also concern about vermiculite insulation which may contain small amounts of amphibole Asbestos. These amphibole fibres may cause health risks if disturbed. However, there is currently no evidence of risk to your health if the insulation is sealed behind wallboards and floorboards, isolated in an attic, or otherwise kept from exposure to the home or interior environment.

If you suspect you have an Asbestos issue, call the professionals at Rainbow International® today and setup a free on-site consultation. Our Hazardous Materials professionals can inspect your environment and provide you with a removal estimate.