Commercial Smoke Damage Repair and Smoke Damage Restoration

If you’ve just experienced a smoke damage event at your business or a property you manage, then you need professional help. That’s why we’re here, at all hours, every day of the year, to help you recover.

Rainbow International Restoration is here to get your property back to normal. We use the most advanced processes and equipment in the industry and apply systematic best practices to help you recover from a smoke event and any secondary damage.

If your property has experienced fire or smoke damage, call (855) 724-6269 for 24/7, emergency service.

Do I Need Smoke Damage Restoration?

It’s no secret that smoke leaves an unsavory odor and that visible soot damage is unsightly, but what about the health implications of long-term exposure to smoke damage? When your property experiences a fire, many materials like plastic, asbestos-laden building materials and synthetic fabrics leave behind dangerous waste products in the debris, soot and smoke. The only way to effectively clean your space is through professional smoke damage restoration.

Health Consequences of Smoke & Soot Exposure

Exposure to smoke and soot can cause both short-term and long-term health problems. Because smoke and soot are composed of microscopic materials, they may be inhaled or ingested in the aftermath of a fire. Exposure may result in health problems ranging from bronchitis to incurable mesothelioma.

In short, because smoke damage can have long-term effects on the health and safety of you, your tenants or employees, it requires professional remediation. Failure to complete proper smoke remediation can be off-putting to potential renters, lead to a reduction in rental revenue and leave you exposed to legal liability.

The only safe way to conduct smoke damage cleanup and restoration is to call in the professionals. Our certified full-service experts use advanced restoration tools, high-quality ventilation and filtration systems, safety equipment and Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) best practices to help you recover from any fire or smoke damage.

Smoke Damage Restoration for Business Owners and Landlords

At Rainbow International, we recognize that business owners and landlords aren’t just remediating their business asset, they’re answering to the restoration needs of their clients and tenants. To better serve our clients, we give you the tools to help manage expectations throughout the remediation process.

Before beginning our smoke damage repair, our team will assess the property and damage by asking questions like these:

Throughout the process, our team will use industry-standard safety equipment, including respiratory, skin and eye protection.

Rainbow International offers a full suite of fire, smoke and water damage services designed to help landlords and businesses get back on their feet after an emergency. Learn more about our emergency services.

Cigarette Smoke Damage Restoration

If you’re a landlord or property manager, you’ve likely had to deal with the stench of cigarettes in one of your units. Unfortunately, cigarette smoke and nicotine stains are difficult to remove from furniture, wall hangings, drywall, carpeting and more. While it might seem like overkill, hiring a full-service restoration company is the safest and easiest way to combat set-in smells and stains and give your rental unit or place of business a new life.

Schedule an appointment with your local Rainbow International to discuss a cigarette odor removal plan, today.

Choose Commercial Smoke Damage Restoration Services You Can Trust

A fire or smoke damage event is upsetting for you as a property manager, landlord or business owner, and for tenants and employees. We strive to serve the needs of all stakeholders with professional smoke damage restoration services everyone can trust.

We work with many different types of insurance, adhere to industry best practices and offer 24/7 emergency services designed to exceed your expectations.

Choose Rainbow. Call our 24/7 emergency service line at (855) 724-6269, or request an appointment online.