Oriental Rug Cleaning

Rainbow International® is the only company in the Charleston area to clean rugs using our unique Persian River System. Since ancient times, oriental rugs have been cleaned in the flowing waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Complete immersion is the most thorough method of gently removing soil from the rug, while the flow of the river carries the dirty water away from the natural fibers. Rainbow International's Persian River System reproduces this ideal rug cleaning environment by cleaning your rugs in flowing, fresh water.

The Persian River System removes 300% more soil than extraction or steam cleaning. It uses no harsh chemicals, which often cause natural dyes to run. And it utilizes no heavy machinery which might damage wool, silk or cotton fibers. It removes far more soil than can be removed in the dirty, stagnant cleaning pools utilized by other oriental rug cleaners.

Protect your investment! Have your rugs cleaned by Rainbow International's Persian River System!