Green Carpet Cleaning

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Six Step Green Carpet Cleaning Services*

Rainbow International® is dedicated to bringing you carpet cleaning that protects the planet. Our cleaning solutions are Green Seal Certified, Environmental Choice certified, Envirodesic certified and carry the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval. They are made entirely of food grade material. (If it tasted good, you could eat it).

Our commitment to environmentally safe cleaning even extends to the manufacturing process. Our processes produce a minimal impact on the surrounding air, water and land. Even our product containers are made from recycled materials.

Rainbow International’s commitment to green cleaning goes far beyond the cleaning solutions we use. We use a superior six step cleaning process, which is unique to this area. Because we use a six step process, we are not entirely dependent on cleaning solutions to remove contaminants from your carpet. This allows us to use environmentally safe cleaning solutions, rather than harsh chemicals.

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*Green cleaning is not the most aggressive clean available. If you desire this service, please specify green clean when you call to schedule your appointment