Pet Stain and Odor Removal from Carpet

One of the most frequent reasons a carpet cleaner is called, is to remove pet stains and odors. Pet stains and odors present a serious challenge to the carpet cleaner.

First, many people believe that the process of cleaning the carpet will remove the odor. This is almost never the case. There are excellent solutions available to remove pet stains. There are good solutions available to remove pet odor. However, I have never found a solution that will remove both.

Second, urine stains almost always penetrate deep into the carpet and pad. Cleaning frequently removes the stain from the carpet, however, as the carpet dries, the stains will often wick back up from the pad. When the carpet cleaner leaves, the carpet might look great, however, in a few days many of the stains may reappear.

Fortunately, Rainbow International is expertly equipped to remove pet stains and odors. All Rainbow International vans are equipped with special cleaning solutions that are specifically formulated to break down pet stains. In addition, all Rainbow International vans are stocked with a rinse that helps eliminate urine stains.

After the stains have been removed, Rainbow International recommends the application of a deodorizing agent for an additional charge. This agent removes much of the urine odor from the carpet. It also helps prevent the wicking of the urine stain.

Rainbow International offers two levels of cleaning: our Economy Clean and our Superior Clean. We recommend our Superior Clean for all pet stain problems. One of the six steps that make up the Superior Clean is brushing the cleaning solution into the carpet. This step helps break down the pet stains. Also, our Superior clean dries faster, helping to mitigate the possibility of soil wicking up from the pad.

Rainbow International offers pet stain and odor removal in Charleston, North Charleston, Mt. Pleasant, the Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, James Island, Johns Island, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island and Wadmalaw. You can reach is at 843 762-9707.