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What is a tropical storm? Often the precursor to a hurricane, tropical storms can cause widespread damage. Learn how a tropical storm becomes a hurricane.

Not sure the difference between a tropical storm and a hurricane? Both are storms that have the potential to cause catastrophic damage and interrupt daily life in coastal regions - but they differ in strength and form. It’s important to understand the difference between these storms in order to...Continue Reading

Need to know how to clean a smelly drain – fast? Rainbow International is here to help you with simple DIY drain and garbage disposal cleaning solutions.

When your kitchen or bathroom drains stink, it can quickly make your home uncomfortable. If you’re fighting a smelly drain at home, this blog is for you. Read on to learn about the different causes of stinky drains and how to clean a smelly drain.

Don’t  feel comfortable cleaning the...Continue Reading

Who pays for carpet cleaning: tenant or landlord? Determining responsibility depends on several factors. Check out Rainbow International’s tips here.

Residential rental tenants and landlords alike often ask: Just how often should a landlord replace carpet? The truth is, carpet lifespan varies significantly depending on several factors – from carpet quality to installation technique to the amount of traffic the carpet experiences. The biggest...Continue Reading

Rainbow International shows you how to protect a microfiber couch. These are the best methods for maintaining and cleaning your microfiber furniture.

Microfiber furniture is incredibly popular due to its durability and affordability, making it an excellent choice in homes with kids and/or pets. Made from fine synthetic fibers, microfiber furniture is relatively easy to maintain due to its...Continue Reading

Burnt popcorn smell lingering in your microwave? You can get that smoke smell out of your microwave in five simple steps, from Rainbow International.

Have a smelly microwave? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve burnt popcorn, overcooked veggies or experienced a full-on leftover explosion – it’s easy to find yourself with a smelly microwave.

One of the reasons why microwaves are prone to stinky situations – like smoke – is...Continue Reading

Why does your fireplace smoke up the house? These tips from Rainbow International will get your fireplace and home ready for crackling winter fires.

One of the highlights of wintertime is relaxing in front of a crackling fire on a cold night. However, a smoky, overflowing fireplace will ruin the ambiance – and fast.

Keep reading to learn how the pros at Rainbow International recommend preventing fireplace smoke from getting in your...Continue Reading

Does your carpet smell like mildew after carpet cleaning? Learn why your carpet smells like mildew after cleaning and how to remove mildew smells from carpet.

Does your carpet smell like mildew after cleaning? Carpets cleaned incorrectly or without the proper tools may result in a lingering mildew smell. Not exactly the result you had in mind, right? Unfortunately, set-in scents of mold and mildew mean the carpet was not properly cleaned in the first...Continue Reading

Reappearing carpet stains are often caused by soiling and wicking. Learn how to keep stains at bay and how to stop stains from reappearing after carpet cleaning.

Picture this: You clean and disinfect a stubborn carpet stain. After it’s been sufficiently scrubbed and you think you have it slayed, you walk away, only to return to the spot a day later to find it faded – but right where you saw it last.

Scratching your head? Reappearing carpet stains...Continue Reading

When mold grows in your favorite food or drink container, what can you do?

Mold or other fungi lurking in your food or drink container? Here’s how to handle things whether you’ve swallowed a swig or are simply looking to best manage moldy container messes.

Ate or Drank Something Disgustingly Moldy?

Accidentally ate moldy food?...Continue Reading

How often should air ducts be cleaned? Are there any benefits of air duct cleaning? Rainbow International has all you need to know about home duct cleaning.

Even though you occasionally turn your heating and cooling system off, your air ducts are constantly collecting dust, dander, allergens and potentially harboring mold spores that...Continue Reading