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mold remediation

Mold comes in many colors, though none is as nefarious as black mold. How scary is it? Rainbow International® is here to educate you in Black Mold 101.

What is it?
Black mold is just that - mold that is black,...Continue Reading

The unthinkable has occurred. Your home or business has been the casualty of a flash flood. What should you do? What happens next? While your questions and emotions surge as the water recedes, keep in mind that flash flood recovery, unlike its...Continue Reading

Floods can happen in the blink of an eye. One moment everything is okay, and the next, water is everywhere. The experts at Rainbow International have identified five ticking time bombs that can wreak havoc in your home in a matter of minutes. These everyday, regular household items are used...Continue Reading

Property damage & loss from seeping water requires fast action. Ensure a fast & speedy resolution by contacting the caring professionals at Rainbow International.

Think your home or business is immune to water damage? Think again. According to the FEMA, water damage from floods is one of the most common and costly hazards in the U.S. How common? Recent statistics by the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) cite a 1 in 4 chance of flood in high-risk...Continue Reading

Hard-won efforts to keep your tile looking sparkly and fresh falling short? Hate spending your spare time cleaning and deodorizing, thus neglecting those terrible tile duties? Whatever the reason for your porcelain predicament or ceramic situation, if you’re trying to figure out whether you need...Continue Reading

Water heater failures are one of the top five sources of residential water losses. Since most residential tanks hold 40 to 60 gallons of water, when a malfunction occurs, flood damage becomes a harsh reality for homeowners.

What...Continue Reading

Most people fail to realize just how many dirty and dangerous components are trapped in carpets. Allergens, pet dander, dust, pesticides, bacteria, mildew and even mold can build up in carpets and affect the indoor air quality of your home if not removed....Continue Reading

If you don’t want your small children and pets crawling around on your floors after they’ve been cleaned with chemicals, you’re in luck! There are an array of simple, inexpensive, and natural products you can make yourself at home perfectly capable of handling all of your floor cleaning needs,...Continue Reading

Dirtiest Office Spots

What are the dirtiest spots in your workplace? When you’re cleaning the office, you may be overlooking the worst offenders.

Identifying the nasty
Most employees identify bathroom surfaces as the most disgusting for obvious...Continue Reading

Spring is all about new beginnings. Flowers are blooming, trees are sprouting, windows are being opened to let fresh air inside, and schedules are hectic with a frenzy of new activities. But in the midst of all this activity, property owners across the country set aside time to take part in the...Continue Reading