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What is a smoker's candle, and do they actually work? Here's the scoop on smoke-eater candles, and how to really get rid of smoke smells in your house - for good.

What’s that smell? There is nothing more potent than the lingering trace of cigarette smoke in the house. But what’s the best way to eliminate the pesky odor? Smoker’s candles contain neutralizing enzymes designed to destroy smoke odors. But do they work? Before we answer that question and...Continue Reading

Rainbow International is proud to have many veterans among our franchise owners. Learn how a military background benefits our veteran-owned small businesses.

Rainbow International is proud to count a considerable number of veterans among our franchise owners. We’re honored that these skilled men and women choose to work with Rainbow International, as we believe that veteran-owned businesses represent the backbone of the American entrepreneurial...Continue Reading

Does homeowners insurance cover fire damage? Typically, yes. But you may need to purchase an additional house fire policy. Learn more about insurance policies.

If your home were to suffer a devastating fire, the last thing you’d want to worry about is insurance coverage. Your home is probably your most valuable asset. But will standard home insurance always cover fire damage?

Keep reading to learn more about what may and may not be covered in...Continue Reading

Not sure what to do after a fire at your business? Stay calm, and follow this step-by-step guide to make sure you don't miss any important details.

Fires cause serious damage to thousands of businesses in the United States and Canada every year. Even the most prepared business may fall victim to a fire, and they impact every element of your business – your building, supplies, products, tools and people.

Learn what to do immediately...Continue Reading

October is National Fire Safety Month. Learn how to teach children about fire safety, from the restoration experts at Rainbow International.

October is National Fire Safety Month! This is a time for fire departments, educators and families to join for a discussion about fire safety. Remember, it’s never too early to teach children the basics of fire safety or to build on your own understanding of fire safety best practices. Read on...Continue Reading

Are air fresheners safe? Odor eliminator sprays may do more harm than good. Laden with chemicals, they often only mask smells. Learn about safe odor removal.

True or false: Odor eliminator sprays eliminate odors. FALSE.

Unfortunately, most odor eliminator sprays do a little more than mask or mingle with existing odors. Worse yet, some make stenches worse and most emit harmful chemicals.

Looking to banish odors for good? Learn what you...Continue Reading

What is flood insurance? Learn how to protect properties with traditional flood insurance, or special coverage via the National Flood Insurance Program.

An overflowing washing machine or a leaky dishwasher is a real bummer, but it’s often nothing compared to the damage that can be caused when a nearby body of water overflows or a neighborhood storm drain backs up – often when a large quantity of precipitation accumulates quickly.

...Continue Reading

A disaster preparedness plan (DPP) is an important step in business continuity planning. Learn how to write a disaster preparedness plan for your business.

A top priority for any business should be the ability to weather an emergency or natural disaster with its employees safe and its property and intellectual assets protected. Knowing what a disaster preparedness plan (DPP) is and how to implement it can take some time, but an effective DPP gives...Continue Reading

Did you know that September is National Preparedness Month? Learn how you can celebrate national preparedness month by prepping for natural disasters.

September doesn’t just mark the beginning of fall, it’s also National Preparedness Month! Learn how to observe National Preparedness month by reviewing safety protocols, emergency supplies and more with your family or employees.

Celebrate National Preparedness Month

National...Continue Reading

Moving into a new home? Whether it’s new to you or new construction, learn what you should clean and about move-in cleaning services to consider.

Few things are worse than moving into a new home only to find it dusty and dirty. In a perfect world, a new construction home or new-to-you house would be clean and ready for you to take possession of the property. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Whether you’re a new homeowner...Continue Reading