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According to the EPA, annual household leaks waste one trillion gallons of water nationwide. That being said, leaks aren’t pesky – they’re powerful. What begins as a small leak has the potential to destroy your home if not adequately addressed.  

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Do I Have Flood Insurance?

The standard homeowner’s insurance policy does NOT include flood insurance, and will not cover flood damage. Flood insurance must be purchased additionally, either through your local insurance broker, or through the government’s...Read more

Floods, whether man-made or natural, can do extensive damage to a home or rental property. If your house or apartment floods, the most important thing to do is stay calm. Next, you...Read more

When it comes to protecting your home from water damage, sometimes simple leak-proofing techniques with landscaping are all you need. But when flood waters rise around your home, you...Read more

Some floods are national disasters. When a year’s worth of rain pours down in just a few days, the flood can sweep cars away and devastate homes. These are the types of floors you’re probably most wary of, but even small leaks from your plumbing system could turn into a flooded home.

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What’s lurking behind the curtain? One of the most damp places in your home, mildew and mold lurking in your shower or bath is not just smelly and unsightly, shower mold and shower mildew are also potentially dangerous to you and your family.

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Dry air causes many problems, so a growing number of homeowners are installing humidifiers to combat them. But what does a humidifier even do, and do you need one? Let the experts at Rainbow International® help answer all your questions.

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Mold or other fungi lurking in your food or drink container? Here’s how to handle things whether you’ve swallowed a swig or are simply looking to best manage moldy container messes.

Ate or Drank Something Disgustingly Moldy?

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Mold exposure is quite possibly the most misdiagnosed illness in North America. If you’ve been feeling off lately with no explanation, now’s your chance to learn about mold sickness symptoms so you can seek medical help and...Read more

No one wants mold growing in their home. It causes musty odors and hay fever-like allergy symptoms in sensitive individuals. Particularly dangerous toxic mold can even cause nervous system problems, including headaches, memory loss, and mood changes.

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