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What Is a Smoker's Candle?

What is a smoker's candle, and do they actually work? Here's the scoop on smoke-eater candles, and how to really get rid of smoke smells in your house - for good.

What’s that smell? There is nothing more potent than the lingering trace of cigarette smoke in the house. But what’s the best way to eliminate the pesky odor? Smoker’s candles contain neutralizing enzymes designed to destroy smoke odors. But do they work? Before we answer that question and discuss other possible remedies, let’s take a closer look at the culprit.

Why Does the Aroma of Tobacco Smoke Linger?

Even if you don’t live with a smoker, we’ve all been in a house where someone has just been smoking. Perhaps you’ve rented a vacation home and could still smell even the faintest remnants of the stale stench. Thirdhand smoke contains toxic particles and gasses, which permeate hard and soft surfaces. Nicotine residue can cling to clothes, furniture, walls, and carpets and is challenging to eliminate long after the smoker is gone.  

What Are Smoke Eater Candles, and Do They Work?

Smoker’s candles, also known as “smoke eater candles” and “smoke eliminator candles,” are designed to neutralize odors caused by cigarette and pipe smoke. Still, the truth is, without extensive ventilation and deep cleaning of the affected areas, including cloth furniture, carpets, and walls, smoke odors may only be temporarily reduced or masked with the use of smoker’s candles.

Get Rid of Smoke Smells by Addressing the Source

To rid your home of cigarette smoke smells for good, we recommend engaging with your local Rainbow International. Our odor removal services are unparalleled. Our total plan incorporates several elements of house cleaning and remediation like ventilation, hot water extraction carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and more, to address every affected area of the home.

Ditch Smoke Eater Candles and Smoky Smells with Help from Rainbow International

Choose Rainbow International for professional odor removal services. We use top-of-the-line equipment, innovative technology, and a built-in accountability process to ensure that we exceed every customer’s expectations.

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