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Saving Face: Recovering from April Fools' Day

Surprised Girl Child

Your office door has been tied shut, you find your gym bag full of dirty socks, a Photoshopped image of you is hanging around for co-workers to see and you’ve been “relocated” to another part of the office or work area. That means one thing: It’s April Fools' Day. The time of year the pranksters come out in full-force and make it a tough day at the office. What do you do if you are the “fool” on April 1? How do you make it through the day after a prank has been pulled on you? Rainbow International® will restore your office setting and help you recover from being an April fool with these easy to follow April Fools' recovery tips.

  • Don’t get angry. If you get angry at a harmless prank your co-workers will assume you have no sense of humor and from that point on you will be seen as the no-nonsense worker who doesn’t like to have any fun at the office. Don’t get angry; smile and accept that they picked on you because they knew you could take a joke.
  • Give the prankster(s) a bravo. If you had the perfect April Fools' joke pulled on you, make sure the person pulling the prank knows you are OK with it by telling them they did a really good job setting it up and pulling it off. This makes people know you can take a joke and that you realize it was all in fun.
  • Don’t be too hasty in your response. Timing is everything. If you had a prank pulled on you and you want revenge, think through what you are going to do and make it great. Responding too quickly can cause your prank to fail.
  • Play along. If you know that a prank is coming, play along. As long as the prank is done in fun and no one is going to get in any trouble, have fun with the day and play along. They may be pranking multiple people and you don’t want to be a Debbie-Downer and squelch the fun all done in the spirit of fun.
  • Be patient. The good thing about an April Fools' is that you have 364 days to perfect your plan to return the 'favor.' The one thing to remember about being an April Fools' recipient is that you will have an opportunity to pull off a prank of your own, even if you have to wait a while to pull it off.