New Year’s Resolution: De-clutter!

As the New Year quickly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about resolutions that are effective, yet doable. One change we could all probably benefit from is de-cluttering. There’s always room for improvement, even in the slightest ways!

Here are some ideas to successfully de-clutter your life in preparation for the New Year, and hopefully continue it throughout the next 12 months!

Make a List

To begin any project, large or small, it’s helpful to write down exactly what you wish to accomplish. Listing ideas in a concrete manner will increase the probability of actually completing the tasks, and keep you accountable for what still needs to be done. Also, the gratifying moment of crossing off a chore can’t be beat!

Create a Sorting System

Labeling three boxes titled “keep,” “get rid of it” and “storage” will make it easier for removing clutter. This is a good first step when tackling an overwhelming project. Once the boxes are filled, take the next step by transporting the items to their desired locations.

Reverse-Clothes Hanger Trick

Those who find themselves only wearing a small fraction of the clothing articles they own, this tip is for you! Turn every hanger in your closet backwards. Whenever you wear an article of clothing, hang it up with the hanger facing the correct direction after it’s worn. Continue this procedure for six months. Most people find it shocking the amount of clothing that hasn’t been worn. This will help you decide what to donate!

Organize First, Buy Second

It’s easy to get carried away with buying new storage systems, but before you do so, de-clutter first. It’s important to figure out what you have, and what needs to go away in order to figure out the size and amount of organization accessories to purchase.

Practicality is Everything

There are many attractive items for sale that are marketed as storage. Although these may seem appealing to the eye, ensure they are useful for your personal belongings. Not everyone has the same things, so certain storage systems will work better for others. Do your research before purchasing pricy items!

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