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March Madness: Time Management Tips

Alarm Clock

All across the U.S. from San Diego to New York City and several cities in between, March Madness has began and time is ticking down to a Final Four showdown in Arlington, Texas, on April 7. The thrills of the buzzer beaters and close calls shows us that the game of basketball, like life, is all about time management. Rainbow International has five ways March Madness teaches us to manage our time. You may not win any national championships but with these time management tips you can improve the way your business runs and have plenty of time left on the clock to enjoy the game.

Call the right play

A lot can be said for understanding the game and knowing what you are up against. By knowing where to put your players - or, in the case or your business, employees - you can save yourself time and money. If you call the wrong play, you allow your opponent to score and will have to rethink your game plan.

Pass the ball

You might be great at playing the game but even Michael Jordan passed the ball. Let others take on responsibilities that they can handle which will free you up to do other things to better your business. You have to trust in your team to be able to win.

Don’t get a technical

If you make the refs, or in the case of your business, customer angry it will only hurt your business. If you spend time with a customer and get a technical, you have cost yourself and the business, time that could be spent on the job you just lost.

Make sure the ball has air

You can’t play the game with a ball that is flat and you can’t do the job with equipment that doesn’t work. If you have to take a time out to fix broke equipment that was not properly checked before the game or work began you have just cost yourself time and money. When you show up for tip off be ready to play.

Lastly, look at the clock

Don’t get beat by the buzzer and don’t make promises you cannot keep. Let the customer know just how much time the job will take. It is better to think it will take longer and you are done sooner than running out of time and having to extend the job.