How to Remove Mold Odor

Tired of trying to figure out how to get rid of the moldy smell in your home? The experts at Rainbow International® can help your finally manage those musty odors, teaching you how to remove mildew odor for good…

Finding the Source of Moldy Odors

Like a teen’s smelly sweat socks or rotten potatoes in the produce bin, air freshening attempts will only go so far if the source of mold odors goes unaddressed. To successfully get rid of musty odors for good, you must eliminate the source, then work on removing mold or mildew in the effected area. Determining whether you have mold and where to look for mold hiding in your home with the help of our blogs can help you successfully remove odors for good.

After the Source is Eliminated, Eradicate Mold & Mildew Odors with Thorough Cleaning

  • Begin by replacing HVAC filters.
    The porous, fibrous composition of air filters can easily harbor mold. Replacement is inexpensive and easy. Scheduling an annual, professional service to address ductwork and other hidden surfaces that could be effected by mold is also a wise idea.
  • Next, ventilate the area.
    Open windows and turn on fans, running a dehumidifier to dry out the air and remove the moisture that mold loves. Ideally, humidity levels in your home should remain under 40%. If moisture control is an issue, dehumidifiers may need to become a permanent fixture in your home, whether they be point-of-use, or whole house (HVAC) dehumidifier additions.
  • Clean surfaces.
    • Hard Surfaces
      For hard surfaces, grab a spray bottle and choose ONE of the following, using it to wipe down all hard surfaces:
      -A 50/50 white vinegar/water solution.
      -A solution of one-part bleach to four-parts water.
      Use caution around wallpaper, clothing, and fabrics, especially natural ones such as silk and wool. Bleach can permanently discolor or damage these materials. Always test a spot.
    • Clothing & Machine Washable Items
      Clothing, linens, some drapery, throw rugs, and other machine washable items can be tossed in the washing machine with a cup of vinegar. Let soak for 30 minutes, then start a regular wash cycle with detergent, adding a scented fabric softener during the rinse, if you wish.
    • Carpet & Upholstery
      For materials that cannot be laundered, such as carpeting, upholstery, and drapes, professional steam cleaning is recommended to remove lingering odors.
    • Closets & Storage Spaces
      Be sure to air out closets and other closed rooms, as mold loves dark, damp, cool areas. Consider running a dehumidifier, or adding a moisture-absorber.
  • Consider an ozone machine.
    Renting or hiring a professional service to treat your home with an ozone machine can kill any lingering mold spores within the home (but not hidden behind its walls). This can help eliminate odors. Caution is warranted, however. It is not safe for people or pets to be present when an ozone generator is running. If odors/mold on items persist following ozone treatment, replacement may be the best option.
  • Repeat.
    To keep mold smells at bay, repeated, thorough cleanings are essential to success, alongside monitoring humidity levels and ensuring adequate ventilation. Fresh air is public enemy number one to mold.

Can’t manage the mold odor in your home? The remediation pros at Rainbow International can help you seek out and stop the spread of mold. Restore your living space to rights, enjoying comfort and peace-of-mind in a fungus-free home. Contact Rainbow International today.