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How to Banish Reappearing Carpet Stains

Reappearing carpet stains are often caused by soiling and wicking. Learn how to keep stains at bay and how to stop stains from reappearing after carpet cleaning.

Picture this: You clean and disinfect a stubborn carpet stain. After it’s been sufficiently scrubbed and you think you have it slayed, you walk away, only to return to the spot a day later to find it faded – but right where you saw it last.

Scratching your head? Reappearing carpet stains are a frustrating phenomenon for many homeowners. The good news? You don’t have to settle for mysteriously dirty, stained carpets.

Read on to learn about soiling and wicking from the carpet-cleaning experts at Rainbow International …

Why Do Stains Reappear After Carpet Cleaning?

If you notice the stains reappear after carpet cleaning with DIY methods, you are likely dealing with 1) soiling and/or 2) wicking.

Here's how it happens: After your mug full of coffee meets the living room floor, you immediately pull out your best DIY carpet stain removal method and clean the carpet. Then, in no time at all, the stain is back.

The truth is, the stains aren’t actually reappearing; the carpet stains were never thoroughly removed in the first place. Stubborn carpet stains seem to reappear following DIY removal efforts due to two primary factors:

  1. Wicking
    Wicking is the result of a stain that has soaked through to the carpet backing and into the carpet padding or the subfloor. While you may have removed the visible stain, the spill in the backing or padding makes its way back onto the carpet fiber strands through reabsorption (like the wick of a candle).
  2. Soiling
    Soiling occurs when residue is left over from the cleaning process – usually dirty water or cleaning solution. If you were in a hurry (and who isn’t?) and you did not thoroughly blot and rinse the cleaned area, the residue left behind attracts dirt, resulting in a re-stained appearance.

How to Prevent Reappearing Carpet Stains

Quickly taking the right steps to treat spills or stains will prevent the mess from soaking into the backing, padding and subfloor, preventing the wicking problem.

To prevent soiling, place a clean, white towel over the freshly cleaned area along with a paperweight or stack of books to hold it down to absorb excess moisture.

While there may be various DIY carpet stain removal tricks available online, your best solution to prevent reappearing carpet stains is to call on the carpet cleaning experts to handle the job for you. The professionals at Rainbow International know how to get your stained carpet back in tip-top condition right away without risking permanent damage to the carpet fibers, backing, pad or subfloor.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Is the Answer

Whether you’re dealing with new stains, old stains or just feel like your carpet needs a thorough cleaning, the local experts at Rainbow International are ready to help. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the art equipment and powerful carpet cleaning solutions and know what your carpet needs to look its best. We can also help with related services, like upholstery cleaning.

Connect with us online to schedule professional carpet cleaning service or call (855) 724-6269 to get started today.

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