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How Often Should a Landlord Replace Carpet

Who pays for carpet cleaning: tenant or landlord? Determining responsibility depends on several factors. Check out Rainbow International’s tips here.

Residential rental tenants and landlords alike often ask: Just how often should a landlord replace carpet? The truth is, carpet lifespan varies significantly depending on several factors – from carpet quality to installation technique to the amount of traffic the carpet experiences. The biggest factor as to how long carpet will last is how well it is maintained

It’s difficult, if not impossible, to provide a blanket statement as to how many years carpet will last. However, as a tenant or landlord, you can take steps to make it last as long as possible. Keep reading to get the scoop on what you should know about carpet lifespan:

Factors That Influence Carpet Lifespan for a Rental Property

Three years? Five years? Ten years? It can be challenging to estimate when the clock will be up for the carpet in a rental home or apartment. The following factors will impact the lifespan of your property’s carpet:

  1. Carpet Quality

There’s a significant difference between the lifespan of what is known as “rental-grade” carpet and a high-quality carpet that a homeowner might choose.  There are 5 factors that determine the quality of carpet:

  1. Fiber type
  2. Fiber thickness
  3. Fiber height
  4. How close the fibers are tufted
  5. Cushion type

Carpet should always be installed over a cushion or carpet pad.  The thickness and density determine the quality of the cushion.

  1. Pets or No Pets, Kids or No Kids?

Carpet traffic. If it’s high, any carpet will wear out faster. The more footsteps you have going over the carpeted area, whether the traffic is from the pitter-pattering of little human feet or four-legged friends, the sooner it will experience stains and general wear and tear that lead to the need for replacement. Same goes for high rental turnover rate. If the property experiences several move-in and move-outs, the carpet’s condition will tell all.

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance Habits

Routine maintenance is one of the most influential factors for extending the useful life of residential rental property carpeting. Overspray protection, routine hot water extraction cleaning and bi-weekly vacuuming of high-traffic areas all help carpet longevity, as well as improve the quality of the indoor air and cleanliness of the entire property.

How Do Rainbow’s Hot Water Extraction Cleaning Services Maximize Carpet Lifespan?

Choosing Rainbow International to handle residential rental property carpet cleaning will ensure that your carpets last as long as possible, in both functionality and appearance. Our expert carpet technicians use a proven six-step process to remove dirt, allergens and the most stubborn stains. These processes keep carpet clean and help maintain texture. Rainbow’s overspray protection services (the application of 3M™ Scotchgard) extend carpet lifespan even more, so tenants and landlords alike can make the most of the property’s current carpeting.

Extend the Carpet Lifespan for Your Rental Property with Rainbow

Connect with our local experts at Rainbow International to obtain top-level services to meet all of your carpet cleaning, deep cleaning and remediation service needs. Call (855) 724-6269 or request an appointment online today.

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