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Game of Thrones Fans Recover and Come Back for More

Game of Thrones

By Melissa Briske **WARNING!  SPOILERS AHEAD!** One minute we are shouting from the rooftops; the next minute we are left crying in a dark corner somewhere. Game of Thrones has found the magical formula to successfully send us on an exhausting emotional roller coaster and still leave us begging for more. If you’ve ever seen Game of Thrones (GOT)– an HBO series (based on the novels of George R. R. Martin) that has taken television by storm - then you know what we are talking about.

Television shows typically leave the death of main character to the season or series finale, like the villainous J.R. in the original Dallas series. But GOT viewers have suffered the emotional ruthlessness of the sudden whacking of major characters at almost every turn. The Ned Stark beheading was the first time we had a keen sense of tragedy, and we needed to make sure the rest of the family prospered. The Red Wedding shocked us with the massacre of King Robb, Queen Talisa, Lady Catelyn, and most of the king’s bannerman and men-at-arms. Even characters that we love to hate, like Joffrey, a malicious, masochistic psycho, met his demise on Sunday. It’s almost to the point that we are having a hard time choosing a favorite character for fear of losing them.

So, why do we keep coming back? With all the emotional exhaustion that we are left with, the genius writers also leave us with a sense of hope, triumph, and maybe even a little vengeance. The writers give us a good balance of Oh My Gosh! and Oh Yeah! moments. We just HAVE to know what’s going to happen, and who survives to the next episode.

It’s a good thing that we have a week to recuperate between episodes. It takes time to recover from the daggers thrown at our hearts by GOT. Sometimes real life will throw daggers at us. Tragedy can strike at any moment, but we have help from our friends at Rainbow International® to help us recover from awful circumstances and come back stronger. Because, in the end, every bit of the emotional roller coaster laid out in the series, and in life, is worth every breathtaking moment.