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Finding the Silver Lining in Any Situation

Woman Being Thankful

By Kellie Pearson We’ve all had them – those cloudy, stressful days when nothing seems to be going right. While it may be easier to resort to negative thoughts, throw our hands up in defeat and walk away, taking the higher road and combatting difficult situations with a positive mindset will not only be more admirable but also more beneficial to you in the long run. Here at Rainbow International®, we make an effort to search for the silver lining in every situation we are presented with. Join us on Find a Rainbow Day to be intentional about being bright and breezy in the midst of life’s thunderstorms by reading these simple reminders.

Be Thankful

The first step to a positive mindset is to list all the blessings you’re thankful for, whether it be on paper or in your head. Generating an attitude of gratitude will channel positive energy through your body and inevitably lift your spirits.

Glass Half Full

Shift your perspective to look at obstacles and challenges as opportunities to develop new qualities and improve your character. Just as diamonds are produced under pressure, you too can discover new capabilities and potential within yourself when you are placed under stress.

Live in the Present

Breathe deeply and take one day at a time, without being overly anxious about the future. Acknowledge what you can control and let go of what you cannot. Ask yourself if the current situation will even matter a year from now. Celebrate your accomplishments and give yourself grace in the shortcomings. Remind yourself that no one is perfect and there’s always a chance to learn something new.

Inspire Others

Make it an effort to look for your own pot of gold at the end of each day. While you won’t always find a physical reward, you’ll find that from your list of blessings, you have much to smile about. Your health and your surrounding community will thank you for the atmosphere of optimism you’ve created.