Back to School Basics: Washing & Detailing the Car

Man and woman washing a car

Is there a school of goldfish hiding in the cracks and crevices of your rear seats, mammoth mud stains on the mats, and a constellation of juice box stains on your headliner? Chauffeuring the kids around can be tricky business. Before you head back to school, set your vehicle back to rights with an in-depth car detailing.

All Hands on Deck!

Gather the kids and make it an event. It’s time to get your vehicle ready for its back to school voyage. All that rubbish isn’t just unsightly, it can be dangerous if it makes its way under your pedals or distracts your eyes from the road. What’s the plan? Make the car sparkle like that shiny new school gear. How?

  • Make it fun.
    Take a before picture of your family and the car. Then tuck your camera or smartphone safely away in a waterproof area for the car detail, put on some tunes, and get to work. Don’t forget the after photo when you’re finished!
  • Unload it.
    Far less fun than the hand washing, grab a few empty shopping bags alongside a garbage bag, and get the kids through this before the washing fun begins. Empty out all non-essentials from your car. They clutter up precious space, and could become projectiles in the event of an accident.
  • Wash it.
    Often the most fun part for kids, let them go hog wild (and expect to end up in the splash zone). Wash the car roof, then sides, front and rear end, stopping after each section to rinse to prevent the drying of soap. Leave the wheels for last to prevent the redistribution of dirt and soiling of your soap solution. Rinse all sponges and buckets well when complete.
  • Dry it.
    As part of your car detail, dry off the outside with a chamois or similar cloth to prevent spots. Grab a roll of paper towels and wipe down/clean off all door jambs. They are often quite dirty and can soil your kids clothes when climbing in and out of the car.
  • Vacuum it.
    Grab your shop vac or an interior vacuum with a hose attachment. During car detailing, vacuum brushes make short work of stuck-on debris. Let the kids take turns vacuuming each section of the car, offering quality control suggestions and picking up the slack where need be. (Beware of standing your upright vacuum in the grass or gravel where it may suck up detritus.)
  • Wipe it down.
    Pick up a container of car detailing wipes and let the kids go to town, wiping the dust and debris off all interior surfaces. Opt for matte cleaners if you don’t like that shiny/greasy finished feel.
  • Throw in the towel.
    For stains and smells you just can’t beat, enlist the help of carpet and upholstery cleaning professionals, who can clean and deodorize your car’s interior using the proper remedies without damaging its surfaces.
  • Wax it.
    Feeling motivated? Go all out with a hand wax. Have each kid grab a panel and race for bragging rights or a special treat.

Smells and stains in your car left you feeling unprepared for the start of the school year? Rainbow International® can help, with the professional cleaning services you need to tackle even the toughest assignments. Don’t be tardy. Contact us today.


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