Blogs in November 2020

Think mold can’t grow on plaster? Think again. Yes, mold can grow on plaster. Just like other types of building materials, plaster that has been painted, is dirty or has been damaged is prime for mold growth. If you find mold growth on your plaster walls, what can you do about it? Read on to...Continue Reading

Creosote is a carbonaceous chemical formed as a byproduct of a fire burning a natural fuel, like wood. Homeowners are most likely to encounter creosote in chimneys. In a home, creosote exposure is linked to health problems, but it’s also a sign that a chimney is not functioning properly, putting...Continue Reading

What’s that smell? There is nothing more potent than the lingering trace of cigarette smoke in the house. But what’s the best way to eliminate the pesky odor? Smoker’s candles contain neutralizing enzymes designed to destroy smoke odors. But do they work? Before we answer that question and...Continue Reading