Blogs in April 2014

By Melissa Briske **WARNING!  SPOILERS AHEAD!** One minute we are shouting from the rooftops; the next minute we are left crying in a dark corner somewhere. Game of Thrones has found the magical formula to successfully send us on an exhausting emotional roller coaster and still leave us...Continue Reading

By Drew Mills Nothing can prevent disaster from happening. Anywhere you go, there are chances of severe weather striking. While it’s not possible to stop catastrophe, preparing yourself is the best way to make recovering easier.


In the case of a tornado, there should be...Continue Reading

Did you know that floods are the most common natural disaster in the U.S.? ...Continue Reading

By Kellie Pearson We’ve all had them – those cloudy, stressful days when nothing seems to be going right. While it may be easier to resort to negative thoughts, throw our hands up in defeat and walk away, taking the higher road and combatting difficult situations with a positive mindset will not...Continue Reading