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Southwest Florida

Customer Testimonials

Rainbow International Of Southwest Florida makes customer service an integral part of our process. Our company's most vital asset is our customers who we enjoy serving. We would not and could not exist in this restoration business without our loyal customers. We value our customers feedback and would like to share some of that feedback.

To whom it may concern:

Over the past year we have become familiar with the services of Rainbow International of Southwest Florida. We have been particularly impressed with the unique technology Rainbow uses for water extraction.

When I got an afternoon call recently from a homeowner that had a burst washing machine supply hose I contacted Rainbow immediately. They were at the customer's home and had the entire extraction complete before dinner. It's hard to know for sure, but experience tells me that getting the space dried out quickly prevented more costly repairs to trim and drywall and reduced the worrries about hidden mold problems.

We have not had any problems with Rainbow's dry out expenses exceeding the claims adjuster's guidelines either, I am a believer in Rainbow International.
- Tom E., Senior Vice President, Brown & Brown Insurance